Data Solutions

The Wireless access solution is an attractive option for a network redundancy.

Quick to install and upgrade, easy to maintain and cheaper than fixed-line alternatives.Point-to-point (Single hop) and point-to-point across transmission network.

99% access link uptime with SLAs commitments on repairs and uptime. Product requirements Line of Sight (LOS) survey - a survey will be completed to determine signal strength and access to one of Pro2Call Voice & Data Solutions (Pty) Ltd high sites. The installation of last-mile radio equipment on the customer's premises.

Business specific ADSL solutions now offers an ADSL solution using fibre bandwidth. Increased reliability and improved stability with the added speed of fibre bandwidth.

Fibre: International bandwidth is routed over a fibre backbone, reducing latency and increasing overall browsing speed.

Satellite: International bandwidth is routed over a satellite backbone, increasing latency. However, satellite options are more cost effective for SME's requiring little international bandwidth