Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP for short, is a technology which allows voice to be transmitted over modern data networks instead of using traditional voice circuits. The worldwide move to VoIP provides numerous benefits such as; voice and data traffic can share the same infrastructure, delivery of voice traffic is generally more cost effective, integration of voice with computer applications is made possible.

VoIP calling enables businesses to reduce calling costs. Rates for local and national calling are reduced by around 30%, with International rates up to 50% less depending on the destination. 

Business VoIP calling is delivered over private IP networks, ensuring that the quality and reliability is the same if not better than traditional switched circuits.

Therefore the call costs are much lower, although not free like Skype which is delivered over the public Internet.

The key benefit of VoIP for multi-site companies is providing free extension to extension calling between staff located at branches across the city, country or even world.